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Reading (or listening on Audible) is your best secret tool for growing your career. The most fundamental thing that sets a top performer apart is relentless self-improvement. While no one book will instantly transform your career, the weight of continual investment in yourself will make all the difference over the arc of a career. There are many great books available.  This is a list of the books I have found to be the most valuable in my career.
The books that have had the most impact on my leadership style in recent years come from The Arbinger Institute. They have put out three titles in a series. I’ve recommended Leadership and Self Deception to many people. Those who have read it always find that it influences their leadership style. The second book goes in a different direction and deals with conflict resolution. It is a great book, but less directly about career growth. The third book is really a broader, deeper explanation of the first. So, read Leadership and Self Deception, and if you like it, go deeper with The Outward Mindset.
The books that have had the most impact on my execution ability are those by Chip and Dan Heath, a pair of brothers.  They have written five books so far. I recommend all the books, but I’ve posted the process from Decisive on my office wall and try to use it for every important decision. If you want to read just one book to improve your ability to deliver good results at work, I would start here.
No book list for professionals is complete without “the classics”.
Understanding flow state: flow is the key to working at peak performance and enjoying it at the same time. In January, 2024 I started a course and coaching from the Flow Research Collective, the teaching arm of author Steven Kotler’s work. For certain the (expensive) classes have transformed my life and will make my next 20 years better. These books give you access to much of the same information for less than 1% of the course costs.
A few more of my favorites that span several categories important for the aspiring executive.
Finally, we come to Philosophy, and understanding the human mind. Any and all of these books will enrich you as a leader and human being.
Transparency: If you buy these books from the links here, I’ll get an Amazon Associates fee, usually 4% to 8% of the purchase price.  If that bothers you, by all means get them another way.

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